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100% success rate on the final exam!

2018. July 11.

Dear Readers and Supporters, we have fantastic news for you! Our feelings are similar to what we felt when our Congolese physician, Tshava graduated, since our first Congolese orphans have successfully passed their final exams! :)

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In the past months we have been following our 3 school-leaving orphans, Isaac, Nzuzi and Rigean with you. We were just as excited as they were when they took their written exams, we asked them in interviews about their plans for the future and had our fingers crossed for everything to go well for them in the oral examination as well.

On Sunday, we received news that the three of them, and in fact, all 36 of our final year students have successfully passed the final exam!

Many of us can be proud of these achievements. Primarily, of course, our final year students, who have been working very hard throughout the years. They even moved into the school for the last weeks preceding the examination (in accordance with Congolese traditions) in order to be able to focus all of their attention to the preparation. We are delighted that their hard work and dedication have been crowned with success!

Besides them, we are also happy and proud, and all of you, who helped and supported the children on their way should be as well. We are very grateful for your commitment and dedicated help!

Of course, we do not abandon our orphans, we wish them the brightest future and the realisation of their dreams. We will keep you informed about the future of Isaac, Nzuzi and Rigean, of whom we are extremely proud.