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We try to lend a helping hand to as many African children and families in need as possible and to provide them with an efficient, cross-sectoral and sustainable assistance. Beside our projects on the ground, we also organise a number of presentations and programmes in Hungary so that everyone can discover the cultural and natural values of the African continent. We try to reach as great a public as possible, inform it about our work and win over new and new supporters for our cause. You can find updates on our projects and events by surfing the News.

News about the mission is Congo (DCR)

2018. November 04.

We were happy to report in our previous post that our first vanguard with our president, France and Dr. Tshava left for Congo (DCR). Well, since then so many things happened there that we wanted to share these news together with some photos.

Photos related to the news article

Our President, France and Dr. Tshava arrived to Kinshasa some days ago followed by the members of our medical team. Their first trip was not yet to the medical centre in Luanika but to our school. The kids` welcome for Réka and the others was very sweet:

Kids welcoming our volunteers at the College Othniel

The medical team not only visited the Othniel but while there, the team with the paramedic Ingrid and Dr. Tshava checked all the kids in the school. And what a good idea it was! The free of charge medical check-up found smaller as well as really serious diseases (for example malaria) which, without financial resources and proper medical centre could have been undiagnosed and untreated forever. The check-up concluded that 5% of the children have malaria. It is extremely high. The children are sick which causes partially the high absenteeism from school. Now, more than ever it has become clear for us how important it is to establish our clinic in the future.

Medical check-up free-of-charge at our school in DR Congo

After the diagnosis, of course the medical team will provide the necessary medication to all children. While our medical team was checking the kids, our humanitarian tourists arrived to the airport in Kinshasa, full of curiosity and ready for action. We thank them for all their humble help in advance!

The arrival of our humanitarian tourists at the airport in DR Congo.

Best wishes from our Foundation and the whole team in DR Congo.