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We try to lend a helping hand to as many African children and families in need as possible and to provide them with an efficient, cross-sectoral and sustainable assistance. Beside our projects on the ground, we also organise a number of presentations and programmes in Hungary so that everyone can discover the cultural and natural values of the African continent. We try to reach as great a public as possible, inform it about our work and win over new and new supporters for our cause. You can find updates on our projects and events by surfing the News.

Our clinic construction project has started one year ago

2019. March 13.

Our Foundation had a big dream as it turned to be 15 in 2017. We decided to start building our own clinic in Congo, and this is how our project called “Together for the construction of a clinic” was born.

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Our Foundation had a big dream as it turned to be 15 in 2017. We decided to start building our own clinic in Congo, and this is how our project called “Together for the construction of a clinic” was born. It aims to provide regular, high-standard, and affordable health care; to improve living conditions; and to educate for health conscious way of thinking for vulnerable children and adults living in slums in Munganga, Ngaliema district in Kinshasa, DRC.

We released our project and campaign to raise the necessary donations right one year ago in March 2018. There has been a lot happening during this year, and we summarized the most important milestones for you. Let us share our joy with you!

We have raised HUF 4 million by the contributions of our supporters. Many joined our one-year-long donation system, but we got single donations of a higher amount, and physical offerings to assure the health service for the families in need in Congo. We are very grateful to say that in the last one year 200 people joined our project. Thank you for your support!

Besides the campaign, we had our first medical mission called “My freedom for Africa”. In the framework of the mission we aimed to involve experts who are committed for healing people including those living in extreme poverty in Africa, even in their free time on a voluntary basis. Besides this, they are willing to support local communities not only by occasional support, but activities that are able to generate long-term change.

The members of the mission in 2018 checked 310 patients in one week, 110 patients in 4 days only in Kinshasa. 58 of them was student of College Othiel, and other 52 adults were checked as well. During the medical examination 86 patients got a positive test for malaria, and 46 patients suffered by typhus, but the symptoms could be healed appropriately. Later on our doctors travelled to Luanika to have consulting hours free of charge for 3 days. They checked 200 patients here and in 103 cases they diagnosed malaria, in 76 cases typhus. People could access their medicament that are necessary for their curing free of charge. On top of this, our health care expert, Ingrid Lengyel delivered a prevention lecture to raise awareness about the importance of hygiene, how we can prevent diseases, and why it is important to see a doctor regularly instead of self-healing. Last but not least, the mission negotiated with health care experts and potential partners, and they monitored the area to find land for the clinic. 

We were working in the background on developing and specifying the engineering plan in cooperation with the Indelab Kft., Dr. Tona Tshava, and Ingrid Lengyel health experts. We are pleased to share with you our pilot project, the layout and vision plan of the split-level Healing and Educational Centre. We hope it makes you just as proud as us!

 Based on our prevision, our facility is divided into three main parts: two split-level blocs, and the roofed, opened educational pavilion that connects the blocs. The services on the ground floor are available for the public. Patients are welcomed at the reception, who get further information about the consulting hours. Patients arriving to the complex are supplied via the three consulting rooms on the ground floor – adult consulting room, child consulting room, and special clinic – that work with three doctors.

The first floor stands for maintenance, and inpatient care. Patients arriving to this floor need care for 1 or 2 days. The educational pavilion takes place between the two blocs. The roofed but opened educational space on the first floor could be used for training the health care employees. 

We are especially proud of Dr. Tshava who got assistance by the Foundation since he was a young kid, and finished high school with the help of Hungarian supporters. Later on he graduated from medical school. He arrived to Hungary in 2017, where he finished his professional internship that helped him to gain a special, practical knowledge due to the assistance of Hungarian experts. Currently Dr. Tshava actively participates in the activities, events of the Foundation, moreover he delivers presentations at hospitals. Later on we would like to entrust him with coordinating the clinic. We support him goal to become a doctor of poor and pleased people in his fatherland, and counteract the absorption of African human resources. Experienced medical experts will help the work of Dr. Tshava, and we hope Hungarian and European medical specialists will join the project, who could contribute to the success of the project by bringing efficient and innovative practices.

We cannot miss the chance to tell you about a monumental event that took place on the 14th of February. Our Foundation called together a governmental consultation in cooperation with the Africa Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade that aimed to introduce the project, and to measure the support of the Hungarian government.

Mr. Márk Horváth, Head of Department opened the high-ranking event. Dr. Tshinga Ahuka Paul-Emile, the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo to Serbia attended the event, and expressed his support with a short speech. The Department of International Development, the Hungary Helps Program, the Deputy State Secretariat for Health Development of the Ministry of Human Resources, and health care experts and companies.

On behalf of our Foundation, France Mutombo, our President delivered a presentation with the expert team for our project: Dr. Tshava Tona, doctor; Ingrid Lengyel health expert, and Mátyás Holló architect from Indelab Kft.

The positive welcome and constructive critics gave us a new boost to continue our work. We hope promises turn to acts soon, and we can lay the foundation-stone.

Finally, we have some great news! At the beginning of March, we had a great honor for our Foundation: Azbej Tristan, Secretary of State responsible for assisting persecuted Christians and implementing Hungary Helps program, and Csaba Böjte, Head of the Deva Ferenc Foundation, made a personal visit to our Congolese school and orphanage. It was really inspiring and touching for us to hear the words of recognition of such important Hungarian actors in the courtyard of our school. We trust the visit will be the beginning of a long lasting cooperation.

Help is privilege! Force is in health! 

You can join our project by contributing with a donation of HUF 1250 per month for one year. Be part of 5000 people, who join with for building a clinic! Contact us by