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Huge collective success: Mama Alphonsin’s house has been built!

2019. June 20.

We cannot be more grateful for You; thanks to all your help we have managed to raise enough amount of money for our project and at the end of our volunteer mission our president, France Mutombo has delivered the key to the newly built house to Mama Alphonsine and her family as part of the Build Solid Ground Project.

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The sea is always a collection of drops, and the “Congolese sea’s” most beautiful drop is now with us and Mama Alphonsine. Such moments show us the most beautiful and precious face of this society, how people from a distant country send help and love to someone they do not even know personally. All the work was worth for this sincere smile:

A few month ago, Mama Alphonsine was in a futureless situation without purpose and hope, fighting for her family’s survival. After her husband’s sudden passing she could not validate her right of inheritance and she has been evicted with violence. Since then, with her 7 grandchildren and 2 children they are renting a completely empty, small room without a sanitary room in the capital’s, Kinshasa, slum.

If you have not seen it yet, watch this video about their previous, desperate situation:


In April, with 12 volunteers and 3 colleagues we started off, with the help of your donations, to build the house of Mama Alponsine and to ensure a safe and human worthy future for her family. As our president said, the road was full of blessings and thanks to this wonderful, converging team, the project went great all along. If you would like to get a little taste of the project, check out the short video below!


Special thank you to Zoli Szabó, our volunteer, who weeks beforehand travelled to the location, so he could coordinate and oversee the construction works in person and prepare everything for the volunteer team.

To ensure that Mama Alphonsine’s family can have a have a safe source of livelihood, we took hundreds of pounds of used clothes donations, that they sell on the streets of Kinshasa with great enthusiasm and success. Our goal is to open a long-term sustainable clothing business for Mama Alphonsine, which would bring financial security to her and her family.

At the end, please let us say a wholehearted thank you for all the material and emotional support. Together, we have changed a human destiny for the better!

Do not forget, Mama Alphonsine’s and her family’s story is symbolic: on this Earth there are almost 1.6 billion people living without a proper home and the most basic services. Our Foundation with our Build Solid Ground campaign is going to keep on fighting to get more people out of the housing poverty that they have to live in.

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