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We try to lend a helping hand to as many African children and families in need as possible and to provide them with an efficient, cross-sectoral and sustainable assistance. Beside our projects on the ground, we also organise a number of presentations and programmes in Hungary so that everyone can discover the cultural and natural values of the African continent. We try to reach as great a public as possible, inform it about our work and win over new and new supporters for our cause. You can find updates on our projects and events by surfing the News.

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Our clinic construction project has started one year ago

2019. March 13.

Our Foundation had a big dream as it turned to be 15 in 2017. We decided to start building our own clinic in Congo, and this is how our project called “Together for the construction of a clinic” was born.

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Strengthening Women’s Land Rights

2019. March 07.

Land tenure is one of the great challenges Habitat for Humanity faces in helping families access decent housing. Countless families around the world lack rights to the land on which they live. Just imagine the stress of knowing that any day you might be forced to move because someone else claims ownership of the place you call home.

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News about the mission is Congo (DCR)

2018. November 04.

We were happy to report in our previous post that our first vanguard with our president, France and Dr. Tshava left for Congo (DCR). Well, since then so many things happened there that we wanted to share these news together with some photos.

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World Habitat Day - Build Solid Ground

2018. October 01.

World Habitat Day is observed every year on the first Monday of October- this year on the 1st of October- throughout the world. It was officially designated by the United Nations to remind the world on the grounding issues of the cities and the problems of the basic human rights. Our foundation is committed to make everybody know about these...

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Collage Othniel opens its doors in renewed beauty

2018. September 11.

As we’ve already informed our dear supporters, after the Tanzanian and Ethiopian partner schools, the new school term has started in Congo as well!

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