Humanitarian tourism

Humanitarian tourism is about the people for the people. Tourists can experience the everyday life of the locals, help the needy, while having an insight into the real life of Africa.

What is Humanitarian Tourism?

Are you bored with conventional summer vacationing?

Would you like to get a real insight into everyday African life?

Travel with us to Africa!

The Foundation for Africa has created a new type of travel, the Humanitarian Tourism.

What is Humanitarian Tourism?

Humanitarian tourism is a new kind of tourist program previously unheard of in Hungary, encompassing elements of an exotic holiday and a humanitarian mission. The goal of these unique journeys is for the traveler to get to know the beauties of the Black Continent and its everyday life, and to have an active time of relaxation. All participants will have an amazing time and have an authentic African experience of a lifetime, something that is almost incomparable to classic and conventional trips. During the 12-15 days of the trip, thanks to the Foundation’s local knowledge and contacts, travelers will have a chance to explore, under safe conditions, aspects of African life and tourist sights that are not accessible for the average visitor. These journeys, organized several times a year, provide an unparalleled opportunity to realize a teamwork-driven humanitarian mini-project, the costs of which are included in the fee of the trip.

The participants can meet and cooperate with the locals, take part in their everyday lives and implement with them a simple development project that matches the current objectives of the Foundation and serves a humanitarian purpose (e.g., painting the orphanage, renovating a health-care institution, lending a hand with simple construction jobs as well as purchasing and donating items to those in need. They visit the institutions supported by the Foundation and some of the locals and communities in need. Of course, becoming part of some characteristically “African situations” is also inevitable. Even the accommodation serves the purpose of establishing direct contact: the travelers are housed in welcoming guest houses and private homes that meet European expectations bur are unlike conventional hotels, thus providing an insight into African life.

For further information about the journeys, the costs, detailed programs, dates and practical advice in the countries, call (+36 30 262 1032) or email us ( ).