Africa makes a different impression on everyone. Not even two persons can tell the same way what they have seen. Through our diary you can see how this magnifique country influenced the tourists with its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. The humanitarian tourists will share their experiences, their thoughts and feeilings just like the colleagues of the Foundation for Africa who have been working here since longer period.

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Lidia- volunteer in Tanzania, christmas time 2012

2012. December 22 - 2012. December 25.

She came back to Namanga to celebrate christmas with her "orphans".

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Travelogues about Humanitarian Tourism_ Autumn 2010

2010. October 19 - 2010. November 02.

Our humanitarian tourists are back from Congo. Read the first part of their experiences through blogs.

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Mission in Congo - 2010

2010. August 18 - 2010. December 20.

The chairman of our Foundation has set off for a longer mission into the Democratic Republic of Congo in the middle of August, 2010. His wife and their three-year old son are going with France for the mission which takes four months. This time too, his wife, as a key member of our Foundation, will take an active part in organising. While France...

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Travelogue from Mozambique

2010. April 28 - 2011. April 28.

After DR Congo we now travel to the Eastern coast of the continent, to Mozambique where our former project coordinator, Éva Hegedűs spends one year in Chimoio, the capital of Manica Province. As a junior development expert of German Development Service (DED) she supports two local civil society umbrella organisations, FOCAMA and Fórum Terra...

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Charity Campaign - Goma

2009. June 01 - 2009. July 01.

The container shipped as part of our Charity Campaign has arrived to Goma in the middle of June. The president of the Foundation, France Mutombo has personally supervised the distribution of aid. More information on his journey here...

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