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Tshava has opened his practice in Congo! – We are waiting for your support!

2019. July 05.

We are pleased to announce that our Congolese doctor, Tshava, has redeemed his childhood dream: he devotes his time twice a week to our toddlers and performs malaria and typhus screening and general examinations at our Congolese school.

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To keep Tshava's office we need your support!

In Congo, as there is no free public education, there is no free health care. Every second children have symptoms of malaria, but most families are unable to buy the necessary medications. In Tshava's office, we are not only able to carry out preventive performances, health screenings, but children also receive the necessary care and medication.

Our long-term goal is to continue to build up our foundation's own health center to serve a broader range of people, providing regular, high-quality and affordable health care for residents in the poor area of the Ngaliema district, especially for children and vulnerable adults. However, we are extremely grateful to have more than 500 children safe by our doctor!

Please join the program, support the work of Tshava, and thereby provide the full health care of a Congolese child!

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