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Why are these countries where you work?

Many factors have determined the choice of our project countries.
The Director of the Foundation, France Mutombo Tshimuanga was born in Mbuji-Mayi, a city in the south-central of DR Congo. He arrived at Hungary about ten years ago to do his graduate studies at the College of Theology. In 1999 he participated in a humanitarian mission organised by Steps to Life, an American humanitarian organisation, in DR Congo. The indescribable poverty and distress in every walks of life that he had experienced and his local knowledge inspired him to help his home country and the continent in an organised way. The Foundation has launched therefore its first activities in DR Congo.
However, the Foundation has the objective of extending its work in the long-run to other African countries as well - as its name also suggests. There we co-operate with Maasai Foundation in Tanzania.