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Why should I support Africans far away, when there are a lot of poor people here in Hungary as well?

It is always an autonomous and subjective decision, whom we want to support: everyone has the right to decide whom they would like to support and why. However, for this decision it is very important that we know, in what circumstances many people are living in countries far away from Hungary. These people are in desperate need and, despite the huge distance, one can make a big difference to their life even by a little effort.

Most often, there is a huge difference between poverty and poverty. Poverty in Africa does not compare at all with that in Europe. In Africa, we shall talk about absolute poverty, not relative poverty. When a European child has no PC, but still has his own cell phone, he is still considered poor. In contrast, a child in Africa usually does not even have a pen, nor an exercise book. Or another example: those families where meat is rarely put on the table, are considered poor. In contrast, in Africa most of the people do not even get a small bit of bread every day and houndreds of thousands of children are severely malnourished. The social net simply does not exist.

Therefore, there is an enormous need for help. We truly believe that those who help in Africa, will also provide assistance to their fellow-beings here in Hungary. This way, they will strengthen their philantrophy and their culture of volunteerism. In most of the countries in Africa, there is hardly any social group - or in many countries there is none at all - that could provide at least emergency relief, let alone regular assistance. We, Europeans are in a privileged situation, as we can afford to help, even if with a little!