We collected the most frequently asked questions concerning adoption, the Foundation or opportunities for support. Here you will find all the answers you are looking for.

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How can you guarantee that the sponsored students do receive the financial support?

Your donation never goes directly to your sponsored child or to his family. It is always transferred to the Othniel College, built and maintained by the Foundation. The guarantee is the successful functioning of the school itself, with over a thousand students enrolled at reduced or for no tuition fee. It is also important to know that the only source of funding available for the school is the donations and sponsor monies we receive from Hungary. In DR Congo, public education is not subsidised by the state, the institutions are run solely from tuition fees. As the amount of the tuition fee is usually very high, poorer families can rarely afford sending their children to school.

The great distance and the lack of personal contacts render it difficult to provide full transparency and visibility of our projects and activities. As a compensation, we regularly publish reports on our work and the progress we have made, as well as inform our sponsors on a regular basis both on our website and in our monthly newsletters. On the website, you can also read the personal accounts of our "humanitarian tourists", who have visited our projects in DR Congo and Ethiopia.
Further, to ensure that the donations are administered and used properly, we have a permanent representative in Kinshasa - currently, the Director of the Foundation, France and his wife, Angelika personally.