We collected the most frequently asked questions concerning adoption, the Foundation or opportunities for support. Here you will find all the answers you are looking for.

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Why does the child drop out of school, if I am sponsoring him?

Despite the financial support, there may be circumstances or happen unexpected events that force children to abandon school. This may be a family reason, illness and in many cases children also have to take employment in order to contribute to the family's livelihood. However, in some cases there is no tragic reason of abandonment at all: children only change school or simply, they play truant. Sometimes, the family moves to another place to seek a better living. Often, poor families place their child(ren) at other family members who can provide them with shelter and food every day, even if they get this way far away from home. If this distance is bigger than 10 kms, the child does not have the chance any longer to attend our school.
All these events and circumstances are unfortunately beyond the Foundation's control.