We collected the most frequently asked questions concerning adoption, the Foundation or opportunities for support. Here you will find all the answers you are looking for.

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Do I sponsor a particular child or a school?

You sponsor, in fact, both a particular child and the Othniel College. Your financial support never goes directly to the child or its family, but it is always transferred to the school. Thus, those 600 children who do not have any sponsor yet, also have the opportunity to receive general schooling. Yet, your support guarantees that the child you have chosen attends our school and receives good quality education. In addition, you have the possilbility to keep a personal relationship with the child, to correspondence, to regularly receive information on his school results or to send him presents from time to time.

In contrast to most of the developed countries, where the government is generally responsible for the education, in most of the African countries, the state does not support general schooling and does not ensure the infrastructure, the teaching staff, the school supplies nor does it secure the financial background. The Foundation therefore attempts to fill this vacuum and - by the help of its donors - ensure access to education to as many school-aged children as possible.
We all know that if a child is not able to attend school, he will remain illiterate, will not earn technical knowledge, will not take a school-leaving exam, as a consequence, he will have much lower chances of finding a gainful employment and to succeed in his adult life than those who were able to study. And this is exactly one of the primary causes of poverty: the lack of education, information and knowledge.

Thus, through your donation you also support one segment of the Congolese education network and you contribute to ensure the right to education, a fundamental human right, to the children in need.