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Can I be a volunteer in Africa?

So far, the Foundation has only sent a few volunteers to DR Congo. The longest period that a volunteer spent there was about a month.
To be able to volunteer for the Foundation, you have to build first a strong and close relationship with us, as we need to know which of your skills and competences we can rely on in the project. Also, it is necessary that you have a knowledge of the local language - that of French in Congo and that of English in Ethiopia. Usually, you have to cover your travel costs on your own, while the Foundation takes care of all the expenses relating to your accomodation, food, insurance and security.
Although the work itself is unpaid, sending a volunteer means a high cost to the Foundation. Therefore it is essential for us that we have a good relationship with our volunteer. The volunteer has to know and respect the fundamental principles of our organisation. As the Foundation is a Christian-based organisation, it is important that our volunteer adheres to our moral code and represents our fundamental principles in his or her work and life throughout the project.