We collected the most frequently asked questions concerning adoption, the Foundation or opportunities for support. Here you will find all the answers you are looking for.

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What sort of presents shall I send to the child(ren) I support?

We recommend you to send something that not only gives the child pleasure but that is also useful to him and can be employed either at school or in his everyday life, such as: pens, colour pencils, exercise books, English and French books. You may also send other useful articles, like summer dresses (please make sure that they are appropriate), baseball hat, watch, hair clips, alarm clock, key ring, small bag, flashlight, calculator, toothpaste and tooth brush, hygiene items, pocket radio or a typicality from Hungary, reminding them of the country.
Toys are of course always welcome by the children, however, we do not recommend them! If you would yet like to send a toy, we would suggest rather a board game that they can share with those who do not have any supporters. Also, children in Africa usually prepare their toys themselves, which makes them really creative, therefore, we recommend sending toys that help children develop their imagination, further their craft skills as well as build the community as well.
Please note that food, sweets and chocolate are not recommended as they may cause allergy or other stomach problems to the children, or simply they can go off before they arrive and the children would receive them.
By contrast, clothes are always recommended, even though it is not always easy to find the right size. Therefore, we recommend you to send always a bit bigger than as you would judge it on the basis of the picture or the child's age. And if the family is big, your present will surely find an owner in case the clothes turn out to be too small or big for your child.