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What are the requirements to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo?

Visa: Hungarian citizens are only allowed to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo in possession of a valid passport and visa. The visa is issued by the Embassy of DR Congo in Belgrade.

Contact details of the Embassy:

Diplomatska kolonija 3, Belgrade
+381 11 266 4131

Vaccinations: Travellers can only enter DR Congo in possession of a yellow vaccinations certificate (as supplement to the passport), in absence of this the entry is refused. Vaccination against yellow fever is compulsory. In addition, it is recommended to be vaccinated against typhus, hepatitis A and B, cholera and rabies as well as to take medication against malaria. Vaccination can be obtained at the International Vaccination Center at National Center for Epidemology (1097 Budapest, Gyáli str. 2-6., tel.: 1-476-1364, consultation hours: Mon - Thu 9-12) at least 3 months preceding the day of departure. The Vaccination Center provides further information and advice on health and travelling and related issues.

Travel insurance: Although it is not required to enter the country, it is strongly recommended to take out a travel insurance providing full coverage to emergencies.

Consular assistance: Hungary does not have any official representation in DR Congo. Thus, in case of emergency the arrangement for consular assistance may be extremely difficult and take considerably longer than as usual. If need be, travellers may try to get in contact with the local representation of another EU Member State.