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Adopt me in Ethiopia!

folyamatban project

It is said that where there is great need, help is also close...
We are truly happy to announce that our foundation is starting a new project in Ethiopia, having the chance to find supporters for 10 little orphans. Click on the article to find out more about EOC-CFAO, and how you can support the children.

As we have mentioned it in our previous article, in addition to our orphanage in Congo we are starting a new orphan-supporting project from September, in partnership with the Child and Family Affairs Organization of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC – CFAO).

The chairman of the organization Haile Yohannes, just like our director, completed his university studies in Hungary. After meeting him in person, there was no more place for doubt; we decided that we are going to support 10 of the 129 orphans living in the Saint Yared Orphanage, and hopefully more in the future!


Our Partner: the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – Child and Family Affairs Organization (EOC – CFAO)

was formed in 1972, in order to tackle the drought that killed tens of thousands of people at the time. As a result of this natural disaster, too many children were left without parents, and if it was not for the orphanages of EOC-CFAO, most of them would have been left without food and shelter.

Not too long ago, the organization sent us the short introduction of 10 children in need of support, without families looking after them. Since the budget of the Saint Yared Orphanage is tight now there is great need for more support, in order to secure the lives of those living in the institution.

The Saint Yared orphanage currently provides food and shelter for 129 orphans and disadvantaged children in Axum town. They are studying in public schools.


You can help the children in the following ways:

Educational sponsorship: 3500 Ft / month
Dining I: 3500 Ft /month
Dining II: 3500 Ft / month
Accommodation at the Orphanage: 4000 Ft / month
Clothing: 1000 Ft / month
Health care support: 2500 Ft / month
Free time activities support: 1000 Ft / month
Maintenance and minor renovation costs: 5000 Ft / month
Life-start capital: 5000 Ft / month

During the last 15 years, with the help of Hungarian supporters, thousands of African children were taken up by our Foundation. If you wish to adopt one of our Ethiopian orphans, please contact or in any other way listed here.


 One-off support

If you can’t support the children regularly, but would like to help, we are also very grateful for one-off donations on our bank account (Magnet Bank 16200010-10039980 ). Please include your name and ,,Ethiopian orphan-support” in the notice. Thank you so much for your help!

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new supporter of one of our Ethiopian orphans! Thank you in advance for your help!