Africa makes a different impression on everyone. Not even two persons can tell the same way what they have seen. Through our diary you can see how this magnifique country influenced the tourists with its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. The humanitarian tourists will share their experiences, their thoughts and feeilings just like the colleagues of the Foundation for Africa who have been working here since longer period.

Charity Campaign - Goma

Mugunga refugee camp

2009. June 09.

My friend, Kabamba Greuze took me on his motorbike to the Mugunga refugee camp, which is situated opposite the Nyirangongo volcano. Over twelve thousand refugees live here. Among them the tribe “Pygmy”, that has set up a separate camp. According to the Bantu, the reason for this is that they are less civilised. In reality, they are a rather... Further information

Interview with a raped widow, a mother of three

2009. June 11.

The morning was passing quietly, things were going in the African rhythm of life. We wanted to see the director of the transport company with whom we were working together. Although we had not found him, we received good news at least: our containers were already on the way and close to arrive. Doctor Kofa invited us for a delicious lunch. It... Further information

Distributing meal for the camp’s children

2009. June 12.

Since I have arrived at the camp, I have been wondering how it is possible to solve the problem of the feeding of the children. Romain had really made me a bit scared when he revealed that nearly 3000 children were living in the camp. It was clear that it was going to be a very difficult task to give food to all of them. What usually happens is... Further information