Africa makes a different impression on everyone. Not even two persons can tell the same way what they have seen. Through our diary you can see how this magnifique country influenced the tourists with its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. The humanitarian tourists will share their experiences, their thoughts and feeilings just like the colleagues of the Foundation for Africa who have been working here since longer period.

Travelogue from Mozambique

Éva’s first report from Maputo, the capital of the former Portuguese colony Mozambique, on her first experience in Africa

2010. April 28.

Arrival – Maputo 28.4.2010. Who does not fall in love with the airport at the first sight… that has to land again. As if nothing has changed since the 70s: one, not too long run-way, square-shaped building with a terminal of around 70 sq. meters, interior reminding of the cafés at home in the socialist era. Ferihegy 1 (Hungarian airport)... Further information

Chimoio, Pemba, suave and culture shock – travelogue from Mozambique

2010. July 14.

Chimoio, Pemba, suave and culture shock – travelogue from Mozambique 8 May – 1 July 2010 After a two-day drive we have arrived at Chimoio, situated some 1200 kms from the capital, Maputo. During the trip an old theory of mine has collapsed. I used to believe that people were living in small, round-shaped thatched-roof huts only in the very... Further information

Chimanimani, engagement in Africa and Zimbabwe – in a coconut shell

2010. October 13.

This piece I started under strike. Since the beginning of the year the basic food, energy, water and fuel prices rose with an average of 30 per cent in Mozambique. On 1 September the government increased the price of the bread with an additional 17 per cent that was the last drop in the glass: the continuous and large-scale price increases... Further information

Working in the southeast corner of Africa

2011. January 14.

What is it like working in the southeast corner of Africa? SIDA ziii, SIDA zuu and the benefits of living on the edge of town. And who shall cross first, the elephants or we? 14 to 20 % so SIDA ziii, SIDA zuu As I wrote in my first travelogue, according to the latest data (2009) some 14 % of the population of Mozambique is infected by HIV.... Further information