Africa makes a different impression on everyone. Not even two persons can tell the same way what they have seen. Through our diary you can see how this magnifique country influenced the tourists with its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. The humanitarian tourists will share their experiences, their thoughts and feeilings just like the colleagues of the Foundation for Africa who have been working here since longer period.

Mission in Congo - 2010

The arrival - the first impressions...

2010. August 24.

Angelika: It has been the second work day since we have arrived. We are going to tell everything in so many words, but before let me point out the aims of our mission-journey (planed for 4 months): 1.) going on with reform of pedagogic and administration areas 2.) starting new departments (cutting and sewing, complementary IT, agriculture)... Further information

The second week

2010. August 29.

It’s Sunday and since we’ve got a lot to do, we are working at the school. We are organising an open school day for next Tuesday so now we are making preparations for it. In the afternoon we had a very useful meeting about the preparations and we managed to draw a questionnaire up. We will ask parents to complete it personally. This... Further information

The 3rd week...

2010. September 04.

Angelika: The weeks are rushing -- we have spent another one yet. So, last Sunday we were working in the school. And not by chance as the week ahead was going to be a busy one. On Monday we had a brief staff meeting at school as everyone was busy preparing the Open Day. We transported to the school the sewing machines, typewriters and... Further information

The fourth week...

2010. September 13.

Angelika: The monkeys did not have chance to break loose, because it was raining for the first time, so the Sunday-trip with the orphans to the bonobos was cancelled. Instead, we had a quiet, suspenseful afternoon at home. In the evening, our guests did indeed arrive, being 3 hours late, in accordance with the African sense of time (this is... Further information