Africa makes a different impression on everyone. Not even two persons can tell the same way what they have seen. Through our diary you can see how this magnifique country influenced the tourists with its unique culture and beautiful landscapes. The humanitarian tourists will share their experiences, their thoughts and feeilings just like the colleagues of the Foundation for Africa who have been working here since longer period.

Travelogues about Humanitarian Tourism_ Autumn 2010

Arrival - First Day

2010. October 20.

After nine and a half-hour long flight and a short rest in Douala (Camerun) we arrived in Kinshasa airport, Congo. Further information

Ceremony - Second Day

2010. October 21.

After having breakfast we went to the local school celebration. As we stepped out of the car, the “protocol personnel” (group of senior section school girls) welcomed us like “stars”. So we got a bit embarrassed like young girls. The children gave us flowers and we took a seat at the “VIP” section at the school entrance. Further information

Orphanage - Mini project - Third Day

2010. October 22.

We started the day running errands in the city center: we ordered what was needer to paint the orphanage and changed some money. Further information

Bonobos - Fourth Day

2010. October 23.

We started the Saturday morning with worship. Further information

Maluku - Fifth Day

2010. October 24.

In the morning we set out for an excursion to Malukuba. Further information

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