Contact - Congo

We have been striving to place all important information on our webpage in order to give a more complete picture of our activities. If you have any further questions or comments regarding the work of the Foundation For Africa, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the address below.


  • Address: Av. Loango 96/B, Q. Synkin, C/Bandalungwa, Kinshasa, RD Congo
  • Phone: +243 815000133
  • E-mail:
  • Legal representative: Beya Kaninda
  • Secretary General: Beya Kaninda
  • Treasurer: Sampard Musampa
  • Head of Supervisory Board: Nkongolo Jacques
  • Social worker: Joseph Bing Azumapaya

Directors of the institutes

  • Coordinator of College Othniel: Albini Hyote
  • Director of La Providence: Joseph Bing Azumapaya
  • Ngamanzo school: Apolinaire Bonama

Our teachers

Primary school

  • Biokele Freddy
  • Kinianga Clémentine
  • Mbutshu Cécile
  • Sefu Véronique
  • Kutondisa Josué
  • Dieudonné Cidibi
  • Kali Clément
  • Phindi
  • Lukusa Mutombo Christian
  • Phungi Richard
  • Matondo Bonaparte

High school

  • Itumba Cléophas
  • Mvula Romain
  • Masengu Therese
  • Kashala - Thimothée
  • Mashanga Patrick
  • Tshamala Tshami
  • Batomene Paty
  • Nzuanga
  • Celestine Katende Mbuyi
  • Nsimba


  • Raphael N'kongolo