Humanitarian tourism

Humanitarian tourism is about the people for the people. Tourists can experience the everyday life of the locals, help the needy, while having an insight into the real life of Africa.

What makes it humanitarian?

The entire journey is about the people and for the people. Part of the fee paid is used to realize humanitarian projects and help those in need; but, indirectly, the entire journey helps the Africans and those supported by the Foundation.

The assistance given to people and the success of the projects implemented provide foreign visitors with exceptional experiences that will, on their return home, make them see life and its meaning differently, or at least think about it. And for the Africans it’s a great experience to have the white man, previously regarded to be superior, share with them and treat them as equals. All these enhance a deep and true exchange between the different cultures and help to get rid of social prejudices against Africa.


The Foundation for Africa has been involved in aid and development work in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2002, mostly in the educational, social and health care sectors. In 2007, in cooperation with the American Reaching Hearts for Kids organization, it extended its activities to Ethiopia. In recent years the Foundation has organized several humanitarian trips to Africa, to Congo and Ethiopia among many others. During these trips we were joined by adventurous, ready-to-help travelers: volunteers, researchers, business people and co-workers. All participants were actively involved in the course of the journeys, volunteering and financially supporting certain projects, as well as gaining unparalleled experiences. On their return home, all of the travelers long to be back in Africa. Feeling anew, they tell their stories to their friends and experience a sense of having been really useful.

After each trip, more and more people signed up to travel to Africa. As not all can join us on our missions taking one or two months, we decided to organize, on a regular basis, shorter trips for those who can get away from home and spend their holidays in a useful way for a shorter period of time.

A taste of what we offer:

  • Real African experience, "without make-up"
  • Getting to know Africa’s culture and everyday life
  • Real, face-to-face encounters with Africans
  • Discovering the breathtaking beauty of nature
  • Guaranteed relaxation
  • Experiencing that "Helping is a Privilege"
  • Feeling a new, African sense of vitality and purpose of life

For further information about the journeys, the costs, detailed programs, dates and practical advice in the countries, call (+36 30 262 1032) or email us ( ).